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Virgin Hair

As a leading team of hair care specialists, the professionals at Fifth Unisex Salon sell and install the highest quality of virgin hair supplies.

Virgin hair is 100% natural, untreated human hair which makes it one of the best options for hair extensions and weaves. Not only has it not been dyed or chemically treated in any way, but it is also sourced from one single donor to ensure a constant texture and color.

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Virgin Hair for Extensions or Weaves

If you are considering extending the length or enhancing the volume of your hair, there is no better or more natural option than virgin hair. Because it is human donor hair, it is every bit as versatile, textured, and easy to maintain as your own hair.

By definition, virgin hair has not undergone any chemical treating or processing of any kind, including:

  • Dyes
  • Bleaches
  • Color Treatments
  • Blow Dries
  • Texture Treatments

It is natural hair in its raw form, and because it has been sourced from a single donor, the color, texture, and direction are constant.

Because virgin hair is natural hair, it can be straightened, curled, or colored with ease. Your options for styles are unlimited, and you can expect the same strength and durability as you would from conventional hair. No need to worry about shedding, as the strands are thicker and stronger.

Unparalleled Selection of Virgin Hair Colors and Styles

When you arrive at Fifth Unisex Salon for a consultation, you will be guided through an extensive selection of virgin hair available in multiple colors and textures. Our professionals can match you with the human hair most similar to your own or select a more contrasting style.

If you are going for a particular look or hairstyle, we can expertly recommend that also. Our inventory not only includes a wide variety of hair, but also a selection of products and materials to keep your virgin hair healthy and intact.

Virgin hair is the most ideal material for hair extensions, weaves, and other purposes.

Human Hair Care Professionals Dedicated to Excellent, Durable Results

Our team has been serving the area for years. We have established a significant reputation for the quality of both our products and services.

We offer prompt appointment and consultation availability, and work alongside each client to come up with the perfect hair solutions. Our professionals have received extensive qualifications and experience and are committed to exceeding expectations every time!